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October 2020

1st Bootle & Litherland Rainbows


Linacre Rainbows



Linacre Rainbows
Obviously we are not meeting at the moment due to Covid19 and don’t know
when we will meet up again. When lockdown began in March we had 3 girls
ready for Brownies and now we have 10. I have spoken to their mums and told
them that as soon as we can meet again and Brownies can accept them we will
have a goodbye party. This will be the week before the Rainbows return. This
will leave us with 6 Rainbows and 6 remaining girls from the waiting list.
After speaking with the other 2 leaders we have made the decision that we
will not take any more girls on the waiting list. This means that when all
the girls have moved up into Brownies (approximately 2 years) our unit will
close. We thought very long and hard about this decision and did not make it
easily, but we all agree that it is the right one.
Linacre Rainbows began in 1992 and after 30 years will close in 2022 in the
knowledge that we have promoted friendship and caring natures in all our
girls. We hope that we have, and we will continue to guide the girls on the
right path in life.
With lots of love and hugs,
‘Ruby’ (LM)


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