Minister's letter.

March 2018

Dear friends,


I often wonder what impression we make on people? I attended a funeral the other week. It was the funeral of a woman in her 90’s. She was one of those “saints” in the faith we sometimes meet in church. I really knew her through my childhood and teenage years. She was the church “young people’s pastoral secretary”.


After the service someone shouted to me, “Luke Smith” she shouted twice. She looked at me and smiled and told me who she was. Again, she had to say it twice. It was rather embarrassing to be honest. Actually, we went through secondary school together. I came away feeling I must have made a greater impression on her than she did on me. 


Amongst the mourners there were numerous people from my childhood, people of my own age as well as Scout Leader and Sunday School teacher.


Sometimes we leave a positive impression on people sometimes not and sometimes people can’t remember us.


2 Corinthians 5v20 speaks of us being Christs ambassadors. I think the point I’m want to make is that its not important whether people remember us or not but what is important is what we stand for. That people see beyond us and see our faith in Jesus Christ.


God Bless,