Minister's letter

March/April 2021

Dear friends,
How is Lent going for you? The mount of transfiguration is behind us and we are looking towards the mount of crucifixion.
Often people give things up for Lent, although I’m often a little concerned as to why people do that. What I mean is the reason behind it. Sometimes some people give up chocolate for Lent in the hope that they will lose weight. Those who were present at the circuit Ash Wednesday service on Zoom will recall I spoke of my love of food.
Many years ago, I read Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. In the book the author discussed various Christian disciplines. He puts them into three categories: Inward disciplines (meditation, prayer, fasting and study), then he suggests outward disciplines (simplicity, solitude, submission and service), and finally, corporate disciplines (confession, worship, guidance and celebration). In relation to fasting, one of the questions he asks is what is the difference between Christian fasting and a hunger strike or health fasting.
Although the outward appearance may be the same, with spiritual fasting there has to be inner growth. Can I say I’d like to stress that if anyone has any health concerns about fasting they should discuss this with a medical professional. The aim of Christian fasting is Christian growth. Christian fasting shows God we mean business. It frees up time from eating and preparing food to spend more time with God. It’s also an acknowledgement that we are in control of our bodies, not just with what we eat and how often, but with other aspects as well. Whether you have chosen to mark Lent in any particular way or not, my prayer is that we all prepare to celebrate the joy of the resurrection on Easter Day.

God Bless you,

P.S If you want to know which room has Footprints in the Sand in it, just ask me.       


Thank you

I have been deeply touched by the cards that individuals sent and the flowers I received on behalf of Linacre following the sudden passing away of my dad.

Thank you so much – Luke 


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